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В ФНЦ ВНИИФК вручили дипломы о профессиональной переподготовке

16 марта 2018, Москва – В ФНЦ ВНИИФК в торжественной обстановке вручили дипломы о профессиональной переподготовке участникам программ по направлениям «Теория и методика физической культуры и спорта.


ФНЦ ВНИИФК и Федерация тенниса России совместно провели курсы повышения квалификации для тренеров по теннису

В рамках обучения основное внимание будет уделено рассмотрению тренировочных и соревновательных нагрузок в теннисе для детей по Программе «Tennis 10s»


Завершается набор на программу профессиональной переподготовки в ФНЦ ВНИИФК

ФГБУ "Федеральный научный центр физической культуры и спорта" (ФГБУ ФНЦ ВНИИФК) проводит набор в группу на обучение по программе профессиональной переподготовки

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Current issue

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Theory and methodic of elite sport

Akopyan A.O., Egorov M.I., Kulagina L.A., Pankov V.A, Telyuk S.I. Investigation of the anticipations reactions in boxing 3

Bairamov V.M., Bairamov S.V. Peculiarities of regulation of intellectual property rights (including copyright and related rights) and means of individualization in physical culture and sport, on the example of sports and labor relations 7

Dolmatova T.V. Normative legal support for coaches’ training in sports 11

Kvashuk P.V., Semaeva G.N. Actual directions of the system of scientific and medical support of training of elite and reserve athletes 14

Ogandganov A.L., Ovchinnikov P.A. Modern control technology of special preparedness in track and field jumps 19

Shipilov A.A. Efficiency assessment of wrestler’s actions aimed to increase dummy falling velocity during final phase of a throw (through the example of “hip” throw) 23

Yashina E.R., Lukichev K.E. Trends in the development of physical culture and sports of the Russian Federation taking into account the main directions of international cooperation 27

Theory and methodic of children and youth sport

V.М. Krylova. Logistical support of sports schools – the basis for training of sports reserve 32

Skorodumova А.P., Trukhachev A.A., Usatova E.V., Baranov I.S., Kuznetsova O.V., Semyonova S.D. Problem of model characteristics in 6–14 years old tennis players 35

Biomedical aspects in sport

Guba V.P. Efficiency of application of integrated diagnostics in elite sport 40

Tarasova L.V., Yashina E.R., Abramova T.F. Determination of informative indicators of the cardiovascular system in elite athletes specializing in bullet and trap shooting 45

Mass physical training and improvement of the population

Burov A.Е., Yerokhina O.А., Nebratenko S.V. The role of VFSK GTO complex for formation of professionally significant physical qualities in women serving in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation 49

Morozov V.N., Metlyaev G.N. Historical aspects of formation of physical, psychophysical and patriotic education of young citizens of the country within the framework of the GTO complex 54

Parshikova N.V., Fomichenko T.G., Zyurin E.A. About state requirements of the All-Russian physical and sport complex “Ready to work and defense” for 2018–2021 58

Informatics in physical culture and in spоrt

Khasin L.A. NIIT MGAFK – 20 years: Scientific directions and development perspectives 62

Works of young scientists

Bobkova E.N., Zyurin E.A., Kurentsov V.A., Matveev A.P. Investigation of the attitude of adult population of the Russian Federation to physical culture and sports, preparation and fulfillment of All-Russian sport GTO complex normatives 67

Husaein S.A.H., Ivanov V.A., Vyaltsev A.S. Perfection of the motor reaction of handball players based on biomechanical characteristics management 75

Information about authors 81

Guidelines for authors 82


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