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Theory and methodic of elite sport
Akopyan A.O., Domuladzhanova O.V. Motor activity of high class female boxers in competitive fights 4
Golovachev A.I., Kolykhmatov V.I., Shirokova S.V. Dynamics of functional capabilities of the power supply systems of female skiers of high qualification specializing in various types of competitive activities 8
Kotchenko Yu.V. The estimation of the special stamina in elite climbers 15
Levushkin S.P., Barchukova G.V., Laptev A.I. Methods of identifying and assessing special performance in table tennis 19
Skorodumova А.P., Сhaykovskауа О.O., Baranov I.S., Tarpishcheva A.R., Tarpishchev F.Sh., Abdrakhmanova D.G. External load in high qualification tennis players during matches on courts with a different covering            23 Shirkovets E.A., Morozov V.N., Rybina I.L.  Difference of structures of functional indicators in cyclic sports athletes 28

Theory and methodic of children and youth sport
Ivankov Ch.T., Belykh-Silayev D.V., Bolshakov V.V., Morozov Yu.Yu. Implementation of a differentiated approach in competition activities of young wrestlers taking into account individual characteristics technical and tactical action 32
Tarasova L.V., Tarasov P.Yu., Gombozhapova Kh.-Ts.D., Sapunov V.N., Pankov V.A. Comparative assessment of the respiratory function of young and skilled archers at the stage of pre-competition training 36

Biomedical aspects in sport
Noskova M.P., Bashkina A.S., Titov M.V. A study of the content of vitamins in the diet of athletes engaged in martial arts  40
Fudin N.A., Klassina S.Ya., Pigareva S.N., Vagin Yu.E. Peculiarities of the effect of combined hypoventilation breathing on the performance and functional status of persons with different levels of fitness 46

Mass physical training and improvement of the population
Barantsev S.А., Chicherin V.P., Naydenova E.G., Bychkov N.S. Dynamics indicators of sports and technical readiness 1st–3rd years students at the general physical training groups with a sports orientation (volleyball) 50
Lvova T.G. Research of students of 1 course university’s students readiness towards unifying tests VFSSK “Ready for labor and defense” (GTO)” 54
Stolyarov V.I., Okunkov Yu.V., Zyurin E.A. Theoretical and methodological bases of modern concept of the mass sports 58
Shchankin A.A., Izvekov V.V., Izvekov K.V., Muratova I.V. System pedagogic analysis in research of the dynamics of development of health-improving physical culture of the population of Russia 64

Informatics in physical culture and in spоrt
Baluyev S.A. Information-communication technologies in the work of a teacher of physical training 70

Works of young scientists
Sirotkin D.G. Training management of high jumpers based on phisical readiness control 76

Information about authors 79
Guidelines for authors 83



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