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Theory and methodic of elite sport
Ogandganov A.L., Salamatov M.B., Khalutina E.N.
Optimization technology of a triple jump rhythm in technical training of athletes jumpers 4
Skorodumova А.P., Trukhachev A.A., Baranov I.S.
Modern conceptions of high qualification tennis players external load 10
Shirkovets E.A., Kvashuk P.V., Shustin B.N.
Ratio of different type loads and adaptation of organism in training macrocycle of elite swimmers 14
Theory and methodic of children and youth sport
Lebedev G.K.
Estimation of parameters of the special fitness of young ski jumpers 19
Biomedical aspects in sport
Vybornaya K.V., Kobelkova I.V., Lavrinenko S.V., Sokolov A.I., Puzyreva G.A., Nikitiuk D.B. 
Modern methods for assessing dehydration in athletes 25
Bakhrakh I.I., Grets G.N., Budogossky A.D., Novoselov E.A., Turbin E.A.
Medical supervision of football referees: its status and prospects 30
Iordanskaya F.A.
Disturbances of "urgent" adaptation indicators in the process of stressed
training work in elite athletes and means of their prevention 35
Fudin N.A., Klassina S.Ya., Pigareva S.N., Vagin Yu.E., Anokhin P.K.
Voluntary formationing of the hypoventilation respiration conducted against the background of physical exercises as mean of improving of the person’s functional state and it endurance at physical work to failure 41
Mass physical training and improvement of the population
Grets I.A., Bulkova Т.М., Zhivutskaya I.A.
The method of physical culture and recreational trainings of middle-aged women in fitness center conditions) 46
Gross N.A., Sharova T.L., Berkutova I.Yu., Bukanova G.V.
Dynamic of statokinetic stability in children with motor disorders after exercise using training devices 51
Surnin D.I., Usachev N.A.
Monitoring activities of institutions of additional professional education of Togliatti in sphere of physical culture and sports 56
Informatics in physical culture and in spоrt
Miroshnikova Yu.V., Pushkina T.A., Zholinsky A.V., Velichko M.N.
Analyzing presentations of calls for medical assistance Olympic Athletes from Russia during
XXIII Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang in 2018 59
Works of young scientists
Petruk E.N., Zyurin E.A.
Theoretical aspects of continuity of preschool and primary education in physical education 65
Kostyukhin I.D.
Optimization of the choice of rowing boats for performances at the world’s leading competitions in the Olympic classes 69
On your bookshelf 73
Information about authors 75
Guidelines for authors 79


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