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Approved at the meeting

Of Academic Council of the FGBU FSC VNIIFK


POSITION STAND of journal "Bulletin of sports science"


1. Scientific-theoretical journal "Bulletin of Sport Science" is published in accordance with the federal law on the media and information (Federal Law "On mass media" from 27.12.1991 N 2124-1 as amended; Federal Law of 13.01.1995 N 6- FZ of 06.06.1995 N 87-FZ of 19.07.1995 N 114-FZ of 27.12.1995 N 211-FZ of 02.03.1998 N 30-FZ of 20.06.2000 N 90-FZ, from 05.08. 2000 N 110-FZ of 04.08.2001 N 107-FZ of 21.03.2002 N 31-FZ of 25.07.2002 N 112-FZ of 25.07.2002 N 116-FZ of 04.07.2003 N 94-FZ from 08.12.2003 N 169-FZ of 29.06.2004 N 58-FZ of 22.08.2004 N 122-FZ of 02.11.2004 N 127-FZ of 21.07.2005 N 93-FZ of 27.07.2006 N 153-FZ of 16.10.2006 N 160-FZ of 24.07.2007 N 211-FZ), the Charter of FGBU FSC VNIIFK and these Regulations.

2. The magazine was founded in 2003. Founder - Federal State Institution "Federal Research Center of Physical Culture and Sports" (FGBU FSC VNIIFK). Publisher - JSC " Sport".

The ISSN index of the printed version -  1998-0833

Subscription index in the catalog "Press of Russia" - 29595.

3. The main purpose of the journal - the publication of original research articles on pedagogy and psychology, scientific papers covering the theory and methodology of physical molecules s tours and sports, sports training, adaptive physical education, medical-biological problems of physical training and sports, elite sports, theory and methods of higher education in the sphere of physical culture and sports.

4. The magazine is published in printed form with periodicity 6 issues per year; the published material is also posted in Internet after the publication of the printed version.

5. Journal topics: pedagogy and psychology, theory and methods of physical culture and sports, medical-biological problems of physical culture and sport, elite sport, theory and methods of higher education in the sphere of physical culture and sports. According to the decision of the editorial board, supplement to the magazine may be issued, including electronic form.

6. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the "Rules for authors" (Appendix). The electronic version of "Rules for authors "posted on the page of the magazine at: http://vniifk.ru/pravila_vsn.php.


7. Journal "Bulletin of sports science" is peer-reviewed.


1. Preparations for the publication is carried out by journal's Editorial Board.

2. Editorial Board is headed by the chief editor.

3. The Editorial Board also included a executive editor.

4. The editorial board is formed on the principle of maximum representation of different science areas in the field of physical culture and sports among the leading scientists of FGBU FSC VNIIFK and other organizations, including foreign ones (on the proposal of the chief editor, with the obligatory submission of the written consent of the expert).

5. Members of the editorial board at the request of the chief editor can participate in scientific editing of papers.


6. The decision of the editorial board approves the composition of issues and design of magazine, is set and, if necessary, change the frequency of the magazine, its format, circulation, published supplement to the magazine, the decision to change the status of a magazine or on its liquidation.

DUTIES of editorial board members

1. Members of the editorial board are involved in preparing long-term plans for the work of the magazine and the discussion of the content of each issue of the magazine.

2. Chief Editor provides coordination of the whole cycle of works on completing each issue, reviewing articles of editing, printing, development and placement of the electronic version of the magazine on the Internet. Permits printing of each issue. Editor in Chief may delegate some of his powers to his Deputy or/and managing editor of the magazine.


3. Executive Editor coordinates the activities of the editorial board, is leading the work of the hands of the editorial board; controls the receipt and processing of submitted mother and fishing; sends to review and control the timing of the review articles; determines the timing of n optimally pre-press articles and journal issue; provides registration of incoming materials, review, and in correspondence with authors, forms the contents of each issue and the training element to the throne of options papers for submission to the publisher; assures the compliance with the requirements for registration of the manuscript in accordance with the Annex hereto.


1. All manuscripts received by the journal are sent by the managing editor for review to specialist in the corresponding knowledge field, having a doctorate degree or PhD, and publications in related topics during last 3 years.

2. Reviewers are notified that they sent the manuscript are the private property of author(s) and are reportedly not subject to disclosure. Breach of confidentiality is only possible in the case of alleged unreliability or falsification of materials.

3. Reviewing is anonymous - data about the reviewer authors were not disclosed. If necessary, review may also be carried out by double-blind method - authors' data unknown for reviewer.

4. The decision on the appropriateness of publishing the review is accepted by the chief editor.

5. Reviews are stored in the magazine at least 5 years.

6. If you have comments from a reviewer, the author of the text of the review is sent to correct comments. Failing publication of the article the author provides a reasoned refusal and text reviews (without data of reviewer).


7. Upon request, Ministry of Education and Science can be provided with copies of reviews under maintaining confidentiality.


Published materials

1. The journal publishes scientific reviews, theoretical and experimental papers, materials of scientific sessions, conferences, congratulations to anniversaries, obituaries, information materials.

2. The authors present articles in electronic and (optionally) printed form.

3. Rules for authors developed and approved by the editorial board and the Editor-in-chief. If necessary, these rules may be revised, but no more than once a year.

4. Royalties are not paid.

5. For post-graduate students publication is free.


 Editor in Chief,

Dep. General Director of FGBU FSC VNIIFK,


Dr. ped. Sciences, prof. B.N.Shustin



to the Regulations of the journal

"Journal of Sports Science"




"Bulletin of sports science"

 Regulations are in accordance with the system of standards on information, librarianship and publishing:

- GOST 7.1-2003 "bibliographic record. The bibliographic description. General requirements and rules ";

- GOST 7.12-77 "Abbreviations Russian words and phrases in the bibliographic description of printed works";

- GOST 7.11-78 "Reduction of words and phrases in foreign European languages ​​in the bibliographic description"

- International rules for scientific publications. 

The material proposed for publication must be original and not previously published in other publications.

The amount of advanced and review articles should not exceed 15 pages of typewritten tech hundred; original reports - 12 pages; works of young scientists - 7 pages.

Publication languages - Russian and English.

Hand-written version of the paper must be signed by all the authors.

General requirements for article

Full compliance between the electronic and hardcopy versions (if available)!


Represented manuscript should be printed 1,5-spaced on A4 sheets with the fields on the left - 30 mm, all others 20 mm. All pages of the manuscript, including tables, references, figures and figure captions, should be numbered. Materials should be printed using Times New Roman font size 14 pt.

The composition of the manuscript:

- title;

- initials and names of authors, full or abbreviated names of institutions where the authors work, city, country, if necessary.

- abstract in Russian (up to 250 words). Using formulas and acronyms in the abstract is not desirable;

- Key words in Russian;

- title, last name and place of work of the authors, abstract and key words in English;

- article text

- bibliography in Russian;

- bibliography in English (the title of the article is translated, the name of the source must be given a transliteration).


 Example of article design: 


Ivanov II, RGUFKS & T, Moscow

Abstract. <1 interval>

Keywords: <1 interval>

 <text of the article 1, 5 interval>


1. <1 interval>




Illustration should provide a full view of all the details (the minimum size of the figure of 90 120 mm, maximum - 130- 200 mm). The electronic form are accepted for processing as scanned and painted on the computer in black and white illustrations. Graphics should be performed in one of vector or raster formats: EPS, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, and. etc. It is preferred to carry out the drawings with a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). For a good difference of thin and thick lines of their thickness should differ by 2-3 times. On the field the picture, use the minimum number of alphanumeric designations. Text explanations desirable to include only captions.


References (bibliography) is made ​​in accordance with international rules.

In the text references are numbered in square brackets. Reducing Russian and foreign words or phrases in the bibliographic description is only permitted in accordance with international rules. It is recommended to use no more than 15 references the last 10 years in the original articles, scientific reviews - not more than 30 sources. The bibliography should not include unpublished works. Links desirable to have in order of appearance in the text. The author is responsible for the accuracy of the data given in the reference list.

References to the journal "Buletin of Sport Science" are desirable

 The order for consideration of the materials

To publish an article in the journal, the authors present the editors:

- a cover letter from the institution where the work (on company letterhead), confirming the transfer of rights for publication, indicating that the material has not been published in other publications - 1 copy, if necessary.

- graduate students of the Department provide further conclusion about the possibility of publication of the article - 1 copy.

- article, drawn up in accordance with the Rules - 2 copies.

- Information about authors (full name, academic degree, academic rank, specialty, position, organization, scientific leader (consultant), postal and e-mail address). - 1 copy.

- Floppy disk or CD, containing electronic copies of all documents

 Paper text and all the supporting documents can be sent via e-mail (recommended).

All articles sent by sent for review to independent experts in the field of science, having a doctorate degree or PhD. The decision on publication is made ​​only if there is a positive review after correcting any comments.

The editors reserve the right to shorten and correct the adopted work.

Articles sent to the authors for correction should be returned to the editorial board no later than one month after receipt, as amended.

Manuscripts not in accordance with these rules will not be considered.

In case the article, the conditions negotiated with the executive editor. 


Contact Information

Editor in Chief - Boris N. Shustin, Deputy Director General of FGBU FSC VNIIFK, Doctor of Education, Professor. Executive Editor - Max V. Aranson, Leading Researcher of FGBU FSC VNIIFK, Ph.D. (Biology).

Address for correspondence: 105005, Moscow, Elizavetuinsky Blvd., 10, b.1, FGBU FSC VNIIFK, Editorial board of the journal "Bulletin of Sport Science."

For more information call +7 (499) 261-21-64

Address of journal homepage in the Internet: http://vniifk.ru/journal_vsn.php

E - mail: vniifk@yandex.ru (paper acceptance & consultations), shustin@vniifk.ru (editor-in-chief)





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